About Silver

Silver  - Symbol Ag from the latin word argentum, is a precious metal which has been long used in coinage and currency. Silver is used in Jewellery, for investment as bullion, and also  in industry in Electronics for it's high conductivity, and in glass coatings for it's high reflectivity.


Silver is only slightly harder than gold, but it is the most reflective metal on earth and has the highest conductivity of all metals along with the highest thermal conductivity.  Silver is alloyed normally with 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper and is thus hallmarked .925 and called sterling silver. An alternative hallmark is that of Britannia Silver which is 95.8% silver, and silver forms the alloy that makes up white gold.

Silver is just a little over half the density of Gold, and thus an equal sized bar of gold would be almost double the weight of the silver bar, and Silver will melt at about 961 C and dissolves in nitric acid. Having many applications in Solar Energy, Water Purification (preventing bacteria and algae), Dentistry, Photography and Electronics, Silver is a widely used element.


Silver has been mythically associated and silver bullets are a common known part of folklore.

Silver is not toxic and is used in food colouring where it has the designation E174.