Crowns, Half-Crowns & Florins

The Crown is a heavy Silver British coin with a nominal value of 1/4 of £1 (25p) and a Diameter of 38mm and first minted about 1707 whose origins lay in silver pieces of eight (Spanish real de al ocho)  and English early silver coins from the 16th Century.

Silver composition varied - 1816-1919 92% silver, 1920-1946 50% Silver and from 1947 was Cupronickel.

Florin derives from the city of Florence (or Firenze) in Italy and frequently refers to the  fiorino d'oro gold coin struck in 1252 
This money format was borrowed in other countries and the word florin was used for many gold coins similar to this.
It was first issued in the UK in 1344 and valued at 6 shillings (50p) Weight 6.99828g of gold Purity of 23 ct.
More recently it relates to the British pre-decimal silver coin known as 2 shillings (24p or 1/10 of £1)